Jake and Jessica


Jake and Jessica Garrett

Shipwreck Beach

Our favorite beach, by far, was Shipwreck Beach. We loved soaking in the sun and diving in the waves, but I have to say, the most enjoyable part for me was watching the surfers. Ship Wreck Beach attracts a lot of experienced surfers who provide quite the show for those of us too intimidated to brave the larger waves. The beach was also family friendly – a perfect balance for honeymooners like us.

Bubba’s Burger

Rarely will my husband and I return to a restaurant more than once on a vacation – there’s too many great food-stops with too little time. However, Bubba’s Burger join was so good, we returned three times! The price was right and, after a long day of snorkeling or hiking, sometimes the only thing you want is a burger and fries – add a slice of pineapple and some teriyaki sauce..yum yum..

Waimea Canyon

Our favorite activity was hiking Waimea Canyon. Coming to Hawaii, I was expecting a beach experience. To add to that a hike through the jungle was sheer joy. We were able to see the Kauai landscape in a way that we never could realize from the shore. No wonder they call it the Garden Island – it was truly majestic. Check out the sweet pic’s below!

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