Judi Marino


Judi Marino

Helicopter Tour

Okay, so we’re from Florida. It takes a lot to impress us when it comes to beaches. We went to the Big Island (Hawaii) and did the volcano/tourist thing. It was really interesting. Stark, rocky, and beautiful at times, but not “beachy”. Then we come to Kauai. I understand they have some nice beaches and some waterfalls. But you don’t understand – this place is just incredible. We did the helicopter tour today. I thought we’d see a few waterfalls. We saw waterfall after waterfall after waterfall. One was more beautiful than the other. The vistas brought my 84-year old Mom and I to tears. The pilot was as awestruck as we were – and how wonderful is that? Reverent, professional, honored to show us this beautiful island. It should be a LAW that if you come to Kauai you MUST do the helicopter tour. It is an unparalleled experience.

Poipu Beach

Then we went to Poipu Kai Beach. There’s a seal – a real life amazing seal just hanging on the beach. There was a Mom and child sea turtle. Then there’s this sand bar where waves from every direction crash around you. Where do you see that? Surfers on one side, body surfers on the other. Incredible. And chickens. We sat there for sunset with roosters crowing behind us at 7pm? What’s up with that?? Did you know this place is run over with chickens??? CHICKENS? (But none at the villas of Poipu Kau!).

The Villas

Then let’s talk about the villas. Idyllic. Space. Comfort. No watching TV propped up in a bed. We have a comfy couch. We stayed at a resort hotel in Hawaii. Let me tell you what’s wrong with that: parking extra, internet extra, resort fee extra. Ice machine miles from my room. Lousy expensive food. At the villas? Ice machine in my room, Internet and parking included. Balconies, fridges, breezes. Just lovely. We cooked in a few nights, ate out few nights. No $30 breakfast buffets, just $.79 yogurt and a banana. Kauai is lush, inviting and feels like a community. If you don’t love it, you need your head examined. Thank you Villas at Poipu Kai, for a memorable stay.

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