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Poipu Beach

Our family’s favorite beach in the whole world is Poipu Beach. The waves are big enough for the older kids to boogie board and practice surfing and the smaller waves in the cove are perfect for the little kids and for snorkeling. The park at Poipu Beach has a huge grassy area with tables for picnics and showers for cleaning off the sand before walking back to the resort or getting in the car. There are plenty of locals enjoying the beach with their families, but it never feels crowded no matter what time of day we are there. There is also a Hawaiian monk seal the comes to back in the sun almost every day. He’s famous for laying in the sand with all of the human sunbathers. Finally, the sunsets at the beach are the best place to end the day. A little tropical rain brings out the rainbows and the combination of trade winds and sun make it the best beach anywhere!

Genki Sushi

Our family has a particular fondness for Japanese food, and we’ve been to a number of Genki Sushi locations in Hong Kong, Korea, and California. We were so exited to hear that the authentic conveyor belt sushi experience had finally come to the Kukui Grove marketplace in Lihue. If you’re not very familiar with sushi, you may want to order off the menu, but anyone who has been to Japan will love the authentic experience of choosing your own color-coded plates right of the moving belt. The fish is fresh and the variety is good and you’ll find mostly locals here, which is always a good sign for any restaurant. The prices are determined by the color of the plate, so you know what you’re paying before you make your selection. Thanks Genki Sushi for bring your world-famous brand to Kauai.

Surfing Lessons

We’ve been to Kauai many times, but on our last trip we enjoyed a brand new experience by treating the boys to surfing lessons. They’ve spent many vacations playing in the water at the beach, but never actually rented boards and tried to surf. We arranged for an afternoon lesson with Charlie from Blue Seas Surf School and he provided all of the equipment and wetsuits. He even picked the boys up at the resort and we followed him to the nearby beach. After some time on the sand learning to balance on the boards, they all paddled out to the break and Charlie patiently waiting until a wave came by to give them a push. After a few attempts, they were each able to stand and ride the wave to the shore. The pictures don’t do justice to the exhilaration of surfing for the first time and they were confident enough after just one afternoon of instruction to rent boards and try it again on their own. The seal was at the beach that day, so the rest of the family enjoyed watching him and the boys surfing all afternoon. We recommend this as the perfect memory for everyone who comes to Hawaii!

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