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kauai island

5 Reasons To Visit Kauai

If you’re perplexed about what island you should visit when you travel to Hawaii, we have a recommendation: Kauai Island.  Why Should You Visit Kauai Island? 1. The Beautiful Kauai Beaches Most people came to Hawaii to enjoy incredible beaches and Kauai beaches are no exception. Poipu beach is a great option thanks to its


3 Things To Do In Poipu Beach

If you are planning on visiting Poipu Beach but don’t know what you and your family can do, then we’re here to help by showing you 3 things you can do here. Activities To Do In Poipu Beach 1. Surf Lessons This is a must! If you are planning on taking surfing lessons, we recommend

Beach Review: Kalapaki Beach – the perfect balance of sport and leisure

One of the biggest issues that my lady seal and I face when planning swimming excursions for the little pups is how to keep all of them entertained. As they grow, they are interested in different activities and different levels of adventure. Where do you find a place that caters to such diverse needs and

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