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Beach Review: Hideaway Beach – Secluded and Peaceful

Tucked in Princeville along Kauai’s North Shore is a secluded beach with gorgeous turquoise waters: Hideaway Beach. Also known as Kenomene Beach or Pali Ke Kua, it’s an ideal spot to spend the day if you want to get away from the more crowded beaches, you’re looking for peace and calm, or you enjoy exploring the waters in solitude. Getting to Hideaway Beach is a mini adventure in itself, but once you’ve arrived you’ll see that finding this gem is worth the trek.

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Most months of the year Hideaway Beach is a good place to surf, especially if you enjoy big waves and are looking for a challenge. This is also a great place to watch sea life, turtles, and birds close to the shore. When the weather is more calm in the summer months, Hideaway Beach becomes the perfect location to go snorkeling. If you want to snorkel for the chance to see a variety of sea life, Hideaway Beach is one of the best places on the island to do so. There are a number of corals, including lobe, lichen, rice, and cauliflower. Some of the sea creatures that you’re likely to encounter while snorkeling in Hideaway Beach include the whitespotted sea cucumber, triggerfish, stareye parrotfish, turtles, the Hawaiian Gregory, and great barracuda.

There is no lifeguard at Hideaway Beach, so it’s important to be cautious when swimming, snorkeling, or surfing there. Check the weather forecasts before heading out into the water, and don’t attempt to swim when it’s raining. The parking lot to access Hideaway Beach is very small and the public lot is shared with nearby Pu’u Poa Beach, so prepare to do a bit of walking to reach the trailhead if you don’t arrive early in the morning. The trail that leads to Hideaway Beach is very steep; it’s best to wear shoes appropriate for hiking to get to the beach and then change into your sandals and other footwear once you’re off the trail. When the trail is wet after a rain it gets muddy and slippery, which is another reason to wear hiking shoes with a good grip. Still, if you’re a fan of challenging hikes, you’ll likely see the walk to Hideaway Beach as a bonus.

Alternatively, you can access Hideaway Beach by kayaking in from Hanalei Bay, or swim in from Hanalei Bay or Pu’u Poa Beach. The latter is advisable only if you’re an expert swimmer with the physical stamina to stay safe while reaching the beach’s shores. To see beautiful ocean views and enjoy a fun day outdoors without the hassle of crowds, head to Hideaway Beach the next time you’re in Kauai.

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