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Beach Review: Waipouli Beach

Kauai, Hawaii has a wealth of beautiful resorts that provide an incredible vacation experience. One of the city’s outstanding properties is Waipouli Beach Resort, which sits in front of a small stretch of beach of the same name. Though the hotel is only open to its guests, Waipouli Beach can be enjoyed by anyone as it’s open to the public. This beach isn’t just a prime spot to enjoy the island’s beautiful weather, it’s also a great place to go if you’d like to get a close look at majestic sea creatures.

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To access Waipouli Beach, which sits on the eastern side of Kauai, head to the resort’s south end and you’ll see where to enter. This isn’t the type of beach with huge crowds and the opportunity for water sports such as jet skiing, bodyboarding, and surfing, but you can take an enjoyable swim there. It’s also a lovely choice for taking a walk along the water, having a short rest, or catching a fabulous view of the sunrise. Waipouli Beach is also perfect if you want to have a quiet beach picnic.

The location isn’t ripe for people watching but you can get a glimpse of Hawaiian Monk Seals, which commonly stop off at Waipouli Beach. Depending on what season you visit, don’t be surprised to see these awesome animals lazing on the sand or frolicking at the water’s edge. Other interesting wildlife also frequent the area, and Waipouli Beach is a decent spot for whale watching from afar. To help protect the animals that live in the area, be careful not to touch them and help keep trash off the beach.

When swimming, it’s important to take extra precautions as there’s no lifeguard on duty at Waipouli Beach. Though there are no restroom facilities either, it is conveniently located near a number of cafes and shops. There’s also a nearby bike path that will take you on a scenic coastal tour. To enjoy a break in a gorgeous location that’s peaceful and full of natural nights, take the time to experience Waipouli Beach on your next visit to Kauai.

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