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A Budget Traveler’s Guide to a Kauai Getaway

The beautifully lush and unspoiled island of Kauai is a Hawaiian holiday that most of us will never get to enjoy. With the number of five-star hotels and luxury resorts located on the island, Kauai appears to be an unattainable dream vacation. By conducting some research, however, and paying close attention to detail, you can find affordable flights that still fall within your budget without having to sacrifice comfort and style.


One factor that tends to determine the price of the airfare is the airport of destination. Flying into a major metropolitan area might save you money, but if you do choose this option, calculate the cost of the extra distance whether you decide to travel from the main island to Kauai by boat or a charter flight. Sometimes, direct flights into Kauai are cheaper than the city, so if you’re planning on traveling to multiple islands for your vacation, consider Kauai as your first pit stop, then fly domestically to the other destinations.

As points out it, “your greatest cost is just getting there.” Other than your airport of arrival, another determining factor of the price of your airfare is the airport of departure. Airlines such as Hawaiian Airlines leaving from the U.S. West Coast have a selection of discount fares. Occasionally, Aloha Airlines have specials on flights from California and Nevada, but most of the time the specials only apply if you’re flying from Hawaii to the mainland.

However, something that every traveler should be wary about is that the cheapest flight on flight comparison websites aren’t always the best option. A blog post by Parking4Less, noted that “cheap” doesn’t necessarily mean “cost effective” because of the hidden costs of cheaper airfares. Budget airlines might charge you extra for seat reservations, and might exclude airport tax from your total airfare. Weigh out your choices, and make sure to add up the extra charges on cheaper itineraries so that you can properly compare your choice to ones options from bigger name airlines.

Other than cheap airfares, another affordable option for travelers especially for families is by looking up vacation packages. Paying for airfare, accommodations, a rental vehicle, and activities all in one go could cut your costs instead of paying for everything separately. Again, the key to finding economical solutions for your Kauai vacation is research.

By keeping all of this in mind, you and your family could be sunbathing in the exquisite beaches and exploring the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific” on this hidden Hawaiian gem sometime this year.

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