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Family Activity: Spouting Horn

If you search for famous photos from Kauai, you’ll likely find pictures of Waimea Canyon, the Napali Coast, and…Spouting Horn. Spouting Horn is a spectacle that is definitely worth seeing, especially if you are traveling with a family of kids. They will get a kick out of this natural phenomenon. I’m confident you’ll be impressed as well.

As a Poipu Beach Seal, I love the Spouting Horn because it’s right in my backyard on the South Shore of Kauai (map). The only drag is that it’s hard for me to get a good view of it from the ocean. You lucky people get a perfect view from Spouting Horn Beach Park (parking available). As the tide comes in, water is forced through the narrow channels of lava rock creating hisses and roars and – most interestingly – a huge spout of water.


This park is also a perfect point to spot whales or watch the sun set. The view is stunning. Don’t be tempted to explore the rocky area – the tide can be dangerous and unpredictable! Abide by the warning signs and guardrail and you’ll be in good hands.

If you’re visiting the area with younger children, be sure to let them in on the old Kauaian legend of Spouting Horn. It goes like this:

There was a time when Kauaian’s feared this area of the south shore because a large, man-eating lizard lived there named Kaikapu. One day, a brave young man named Liko decided he would outwit the lizard and make the area safe again. When Liko entered the water, Kaikapu immediately attacked him, but Liko defended himself with a spear and stabbed Kaikapu in the mouth. Liko narrowly escaped the lizard by crawling through the blowhole of Spouting Horn. While trying to chase Liko, Kaikapu became trapped in the rocks around Spouting Horn and still lives there to this day hissing and roaring for all to hear.

Just 9 minutes west of the Villas at Poipu Kai and the broader Poipu area (map). From Poipu, head west on Poipu Road. Take the third and merge onto Lawaii Road. Continue on until you see Spouting Horn Beach Park on your left. If coming from any other part of the island, take a route to arrive at Lawaii Road and follow the previous instructions.

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