If you’re worried about the recent government shutdown hampering your Hawaiian dream vacation, have no fear! Come see the beauty that Hawaii has to offer by visiting any one of our 53 STATE parks – all of which remain open during this unpredictable time. It would be a real shame for you and your travelling crew to miss out on the opportunity to visit one of our parks, especially considering the sheer number located on the Hawaiian islands (there are 9 on Kauai alone!). The 25,000 acres of Hawaiian State Parks are open year round and offer countless ways to explore the diverse islands: book a guided tour, sign up for a river cruise, or just come, map in hand, ready for an adventure. Though, if you’re on Kauai, you will not want to pass up a visit to the Fern Grotto in Wailua River State Park – a must see. Book a river boat tour soon!

Wailua River 1

If you’re interested in spending the night or using the parks for any special event (wedding, meeting, or any occasion in which you would need a pavillion), be sure to check into acquiring a “Special Use Permit”.

As a seal, I don’t understand human governmental affairs, but I sure am glad to know our state parks remain open to be explored and enjoyed. Come visit today!

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