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4 Things To Consider Before Taking A Helicopter Tour In Kauai

When you travel to Hawaii you will have tons of activities to do. One of the most exciting activities is taking a helicopter tour in Kauai.

If you’re planning on taking this adventure we want to recommend 4 things to consider before taking a helicopter tour in Kauai.

1. Safety considerations

helicopter ride kauai

The first questions that probably come to your mind: Are they safe?. The answer is YES! Because the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is becoming even more strict with the required equipment checks and maintenance. Helicopter rides in Kauai are a very common activity, with approximately 15 flights a day. 

2. Book your ride in advance

Many companies that offer these services have a special discount when you book online your flights with at least 1 week advance notice. 

Also, you will have preference if you need to make any flight changes, the companies take better care of you when you book early.

3. Duration of the flight

Normally, depending on your budget you can get 25 minutes or one hour. Our recommendation? Go for one hour, it will allow you to see the whole island.

4. Doors on or off

helicopter tours kauai

You’ll have two options for any of the tours you take. A helicopter with doors off will give you a better view but one disadvantage is the wind sometimes can be freezing and might be a distraction. Whether you choose with doors on or off, you’ll have an incredible experience observing Kauai’s world-famous landscapes.

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