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Baby Beach Poipu on Kauai

Finding a beach when you have children can be a challenge, especially when you’re traveling with young kids, toddlers, or babies. If your family is looking for a beach to explore during your trip to Kauai, Baby Beach in Poipu is an excellent choice.


Baby Beach is small, well protected by breakwater reefs, and has plenty of clear, calm, shallow waters. It is perfect for babies to splash around due to its safety, hence how the crescent shaped beach got its name. One of the best things about Baby Beach is that it’s something of a hidden gem and doesn’t get as crowded as Poipu Beach Park, which is located just minutes away.

Baby Beach scores points when it comes to combining education and fun activities. There’s wildlife in the area, including monk seals and sea turtles, that can often make an appearance. Grab a book about these animals or watch an education video about them with your children before your vacation to add a bit of learning to your adventure on Kauai. While it’s exciting to view the sea life, remember not to get too close to these protected species.

If you have children that are a bit older, but are new to beaches, Baby Beach is the perfect place for them to start. Once they get comfortable, your family can take a short walk to visit the many other beaches in the area. While the kids play, adults will have a nice time relaxing on the sand, enjoying Kauai’s gorgeous weather and lush landscape, and snorkeling in Baby Beach’s sparkling water.

From the Villas, you can arrive at  Baby Beach in less than ten minutes. Head northeast towards Pe’e Road and make a left. After taking another left onto Poipu Road, exiting onto Lawai Road, and turning left on Hoona Road, you’ll be at Baby Beach Poipu. It’s small and can be easy to miss, so be sure to look out for the yellow pipe that marks where Baby Beach can be accessed. Set out to this great family beach with your children and make some beautiful memories during your next stay in Kauai.

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