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Beach Review: Lydgate Beach – a Family’s Snorkeling Paradise

I love snorkeling. Well…as a Poipu Beach Seal, I don’t have much use for the equipment, BUT I do love seeing you people snorkel because it means that you are discovering the world I already inhabit and get to enjoy every day. As you can imagine, I get a great thrill from seeing beginner snorkelers on their first excursion, and there is no better place to begin than at Lydgate Beach.

Lydgate IMG_3086Lydgate IMG_3094Lydgate Beach is located on the east side of Kauai, adjacent to the Wailua River. The natural formation of the rocks has created two pools of calm water – a safe place for children to play away from the surf. There are lifeguards on duty which adds to the security of the area. An array of reef fish swim in and out of the calm waters, meandering throughout the pools through small crevices. All of these conditions combine to create a perfect place for families to “test the waters” as they begin snorkeling. Even for those too young to snorkel, seeing fish in the shallow ponds is easy to do from the beach!

Lydgate IMG_3092Better yet, there is also a large swath of grass behind the beach, open for flying kites, playing frisbee, or hosting a picnic. Lydgate Park is the entry point for the Kauai Coastal Path – a beautiful path for walkers, runners, and bikers to enjoy. From here, you can look out and enjoy the ocean view from while you stroll. Pay attention, you may even see me waving!

Lydgate IMG_3102Truly, Lydgate Beach is the perfect beach for a relaxing afternoon spent with your family.

***Note, though the surf is typically very calm and the pools are generally safe, always be aware of your surroundings as any beach can be unpredictable, even with a lifeguard present.

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