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Enjoy the County Fair…in Kauai!

FAIRrides-fireball_lgAs a local Poipu Beach Seal, I am all about supporting local events. One of the best family events enjoyed by locals from around the island is the Kauai County Fair. Hosted annually by the Kauai County Farm Bureau, the fair features vendors selling or presenting produce and livestock native to Kauai.

FAIRrides-pharaohs-fury_lg FAIRneill_fely_sams_lgThere are plenty of opportunities for entertainment as well! Rides, games, prizes, performers – you name it! The Kauai County Fair is a perfect, family-friendly way to spend your day. It’s like visiting your classic county fair, Kauai style. What better way to enjoy the local food and traditions.

FAIRag-silvapig_lgSee the schedule of events here.
Location: Vidinha Stadium in Lihue (map)
Dates: August 21-24, 2014

Pricing: (more details here)

Children (ages 3 & under


Children (ages 4 – 12)


Seniors (ages 65 & older)


Adult (ages 13 – 64)


Sunday entry fee is half off for adults ($2) 12pm to 6pm. Children’s prices same. After 6pm on Sunday entry is FREE!

Rides Pricing:
Single Coupons – $1.50
Sheet of 10 Coupons – $15.00

If you are traveling to Kauai during these dates, I highly recommend attending the fair. Continue checking the Kauai County Fair Website for updated lists of vendors and entertainment.

Interested in participating as a vendor? Check out their application.

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