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Guide To Being A Better Tourist in Hawaii

During the height of the pandemic, Hawaii was one of the countries most affected by the spread of the virus. 

Native Hawaiians, desperate from the scarcity of local resources, asked tourists not to come. As the pandemic has subsided, Hawaii has finally opened back up to travel, and the locals are ready once again to greet travelers with open arms.


As is well known, Hawaii’s economy depends heavily on tourism, so we encourage you to make sure that when you decide to travel, you do it in a respectful and sustainable way.

We suggest you spend some time learning about Hawaiian values and culture for an even more authentic experience. Just by being aware of your actions, you will have a positive impact on your hosts and your own personal life. 

Read our guide on how to be a better tourist in Hawaii:


Learn About Aloha

For many tourists, aloha is just a term for greetings and farewells, however for Hawaiians, the meaning of aloha is much deeper. It is a way of life passed down from their ancestors in which reciprocity and respect prevail.

When you visit Hawaii, be sure to behave as if you were a guest in someone’s home. Hawaiians are extremely kind and generous people, so always try to greet and thank them honestly to keep the spirit of aloha alive.

Support Sustainable Tour Companies

Hawaii has a Sustainable Tourism Association that certifies organizations that promote ethical tourism. Local communities make an impressive effort to care for their island as much as possible, so when you visit, make sure that your decisions benefit these communities socially and economically.

Consider also exploring the island with local guides to learn more about their culture and history from their own worldview.


Pay Attention To The Signs

The aina (land) and moana (ocean) are part of the locals’ home, which is why they expect you to treat them with respect. It is natural to be enraptured by the wonderful scenery, but it is also extremely important to pay attention to the signs.

Always stay on marked trails, do not enter private property, and use designated viewing areas. If you come across a prohibited area, ask permission before entering. Keep in mind that this is their home, so we must always respect the communities and their culture.

Protecting Marine Life

The ocean in Hawaii is one of the main sources of local food, and it is home to many marine species. Hawaiians are spiritually connected to it, so they place great importance on its protection, and we as tourists should do the same.

Try to smoke only in designated areas, put your garbage in the proper garbage cans, don’t touch the reefs, just appreciate their beauty, respect the space of wild animals, and do not feed them for any reason. It is everyone’s job to keep the wonderful Hawaiian wildlife healthy.


It’s true that Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places in the world, so travel sustainably, enjoy its wonderful biodiversity, experience what each island has to offer, and don’t forget to give back to the community. Even sharing ethical content about Hawaii on your social networks is a way to support, so share this guide so that more travelers can travel responsibly!

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