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How to Enjoy a Rainy Day on Kauai

Awww, Kauai – what a place. Beautiful beaches, stunning views, warm ocean, breathtaking hikes – we’ve got it all, including perfect, tropical weather. As a Poipu Beach Seal, I couldn’t be happier. Still, “perfect, tropical weather” is bound to include a few rainstorms. After all, Kauai doesn’t earn it name as the “Garden Island” by avoiding dark, heavy clouds. Knowing Kauai boasts one of the wettest areas on the planet (Wai’ale’ale), you may be asking yourself a couple of questions:

#1 – How do I avoid rainy days?

#2 – What activities should I plan in case a rainy day comes our way?

I have the answers. Read below and get a few ideas of how to enjoy your Hawaiian vacation, rain or shine.


For us seals, water is our life – but I understand that a rainy day has the potential to thwart many of your plans, especially ones that include relaxing in the sunshine. If you want to be safe, be sure to check the weather patterns before booking, stay on the southern tip of the island (Poipu is ideal), and avoid the rainy months of November-March. Following those three guidelines will put you and your family in a safe place to make outdoor plans. 

Still, rain may come your way, and you don’t want to spend all day inside waiting for the storm to pass. I recommend visiting the Kauai Museum and signing up for one of their activity days. These ongoing activities include lei-making, basket weaving, and hula lessons. What a hoot! Your kids will love it, and you’ll feel like a real native when you bring your kids home with more than a few tourist souvenirs.

Ilima Rivera n Girlsimages

The schedule is consistent and offers something every day of the week, so you’re bound to find something your family can enjoy. If you have more time, visit the museum’s galleries and learn more about the natural, geological history of the island while you’re at it.


Don’t let rain ruin your vacation. Use it as an excuse to further explore parts of the island that all-too-often go unnoticed and under-appreciated. Kauai has something for everyone! So enjoy it.

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