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Family Safety Tips For Hawaii

Family Safety Tips For Your Next Visit to  Hawaii

Nothing is more important to parents than the safety of their children. Trust me! My lady seal and I have a few pups of our own and we do our very best to keep them out of harm’s way. Your vacation to Hawaii should be a relaxing time when you don’t have to worry about danger. Still, being in a new place – especially on an island – can make us parents wary. Take these few safety precautions and you’ll be able to enjoy your vacation confident that your little ones can enjoy the sunshine and waves safely.

#1 Check for lifeguards

There are plenty of beaches around the island with lifeguards on duty. If you are looking for snorkeling and sunbathing, check out Ke’e Beach. If you are looking for calm seas and boogie boarding or kayaking, check out Hanalei Bay. Surfers in the family? Go to Kealia Beach. If you have little ones, you’ll find comrades at Lydgate Beach Park. For a good list of beaches and amenities they offer, check out our activities page. Choosing a beach with a lifeguard on duty is the surest way to protect you and your loved ones from unpredictable surf conditions such as riptides and strong currents that easily take swimmers out to sea or down the coast. Ultimately, this is the easiest tip to follow and can bring the greatest peace of mind.

snorkel in hawaii

#2 Research which beaches to avoid

Not all tour guides or books are created equal. What may be an exhilarating trek for an experienced hiker could be a treacherous climb for a young family. A few places to avoid? Take advice from a few of our friends. Don’t take your family to Queen’s Bath or Hanakapiai Beach as wave conditions can change quickly. If you have little ones, avoid beaches that are popular among avid surfers who are drawn to larger waves. The time of year may affect where you beach with your family. During the winter months (October – May), avoid the north and west shores that tend to host larger surfs. During the summer months (June – September), do just the opposite – be careful on the south and east shores.

surf in kauai

#3 Watch the ocean and read the signs

The calm between sets of waves can last up to 20 minutes, so watch the sea carefully for at least 20 minutes before entering. Don’t interpret the presence of swimmers in the ocean as a green light to head on in. This may be difficult for small children who want nothing more than to dash into the ocean and enjoy the waves. Prep them of this safety precaution before arriving or use the 20 minutes to apply sunblock and set up your chairs. Also, remember to read the signs posted around the beach. Take warnings seriously.

poipu beach

Most of all, remember this simple tip: WHEN IN DOUBT, DON’T GO OUT! This may seem difficult when the sun in shining and the waves are calling your name. Just remember, the surf is no respecter of persons and following important safety tips can mean the difference between a fun vacation and a tragic one. Make your vacation carefree and memorable by making safety your first priority.

In preparation for your trip, watch this short video with your family! Safety is everyone’s business.

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