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Kauai Yoga: You Should Try Yoga on the Beach

If you love to practice yoga and you’re visiting Kauai, you must try meditating on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. 

At Villas Poipu Kai we want to show you some of the benefits of practicing Yoga on the Hawaiian beach. 

Kauai Yoga on the Beach

1. Deeper Relaxation

Kauai Yoga on the Beach

Did you know that when you exercise outdoors you’ll  have more positive effects on your nervous system?

The sound of the ocean and the soothing ocean breeze will help you have better relaxation while you’re doing yoga. Also, the sea breeze will cool you down after your session.

2. Get New Vibes 

When you try practicing yoga on the beaches in Kauai you’ll notice things you haven’t before in your moves.

For example, the beach atmosphere will make your body react to a pose in a different way than when you do it in a closed room.

3. Reconnect with Mother Nature

yoga on the beach

Especially this year, we’ve spent most of our time inside our houses or workplaces and forget about nature and their benefits

Feeling the sand in your feet and the fresh air on your skin will make you feel grounded in your yoga practice and give a new perspective of things happening around you. 

When you practice outside your mood will enhance automatically. 

4. Getting Some Extra Vitamin D

Vitamin D allows you to regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in your body.

Thankfully you can get it in Kauai all day long, on this island you’ll find a lot of beaches to practice yoga, one of the most popular is Poipu Beach.

Tip: With the right amount of vitamin D on your body, you’ll feel happy and healthy.

5. Helps To Destress 

beach yoga in kauai

Spending time on the beach is always relaxing and if you combine it with yoga, you have a powerful combination.

Even Yoga instructors usually mention imagining being on the beach to help concentrate and to find calm, so just imagine the feeling of actually practicing yoga on the beautiful hawaiian islands. 

Practicing in Kauai Yoga is very popular among the guests of Villas Poipu Kai. Our villas have been designed thinking about yoga enthusiasts.  So, if you’re planning a  yoga retreat or a visit to Kauai, contact us to book your villa and enjoy the best experience.

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