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6 Things To Know Before Your First Surf Lesson in Kauai

If you’re planning on taking surf lessons in Kauai, we’d like you to know a few things first so you can be prepared.

What You Should Know Before Your First Surf Lesson in Kauai 

1. Best Places to Surf in Kauai

kauai surf lessons poipu

You’ll find a lot of beaches in Kauai but there are a few where you can take surfing lessons

Poipu Beach in Kauai is the most popular place to have your first surf lesson because of the ideal waves for beginners and the beautiful water, of course. 

2. Spending Time on The Sand

surfing in kauai

Before jumping on the water you must spend some time on the sand. You’ll learn how to position your body and the techniques to stand up.

This will help beginner surfers to practice and give more confidence to help them conquer the waves!

3. Do Some Warm-Ups Before 

warm-up in kauai

Having warm-ups before entering the water it’s very important, not only for beginners but for all surfers.

A few stretches and a quick jog on Poipu Beach will be enough for your body to be ready to enjoy your surf lesson. 

4. Paddling For Your Waves 

surf lesson kauai

You might think that catching waves is the hardest part of surfing but it’s not! 

You must make some extra effort on your paddling back and forth but as soon as you pop-up on your first wave it will be worth it and will get easier.

5. Respect The Line-Up

surf Hawaii

If you want to have a great time in your surfing session there is a very important rule: respect the line-up.

In any part of the world where you go surfing, you have to respect the surfer who is closest to where the wave breaks and let ride on even if you came earlier.

6. Don’t Get DiscourageD If You Can’t Pop-Up On Your First Try

Don't Get DiscourageD If You Can’t Pop-Up On Your First Try

The best part of surfing is when you finally pop-up and start riding the waves but even for Hawaiian pro surfers sometimes it can be tricky.

So… Don’t feel bad if it takes you some time to finally do it! You can also just enjoy the ride while laying down, kind of like boogie boarding. The most important part is that you have fun during the surfing lessons.

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