While the colors are beginning to turn on the mainland, we in Kauai are still enjoying the warmth of 80-90 degree weather. As a Kauai local, I encourage you to indulge while you can! Nothing says summer better than a day at the beach followed by a refreshing ice-cream cone. This weekend, take the family out to Lappert’s Ice Cream and Coffee – Kauai’s most popular ice cream parlour.

CaptureIt’s easy to see why, just look at the list of flavors! Lappert’s is devoted to producing the highest quality ice cream and sorbet. Each batch is hand-made and produced in small quantity to ensure the highest quality of flavor and ingredients.

Capture1Sorbets are made with pure cane sugar and natural tropical fruit purees – and what better place to find natural tropical fruit that Kauai! It’s like gathering all the amazing tastes of Kauai and bringing them to one location for our pleasure.Take a look at their list of flavors! This place is sure to please the entire family.

Capture2This joint is perfect for families: ice-cream for the kiddos and true Kauai coffee for the adults…unless you want to indulge yourself. I think you’ll find it hard to resist.

Capture3Lappert’s has stores all over Kauai! Find the locations closest to you here.

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