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Wedding on the Beach – What to Wear? (Bride)

Planning a beach wedding has perks and presents challenges at the same time. One of the challenges is finding the perfect dress, considering the circumstances. When the Mrs. and I planned our ocean wedding, picking a wardrobe was a real….ok, fine, so we didn’t have to worry much about our wardrobe. What do you expect? We’re Poipu Beach seals after all! Still, having witnessed our fair share of beach weddings, let us provide a few tips that will hopefully make your dress hunt a little easier.

casual-beach-wedding-dressesFirst, check the weather forecast. You don’t want to find yourself too hot or too chilled on your wedding day, so check the weather report. Sun for days? That strapless beauty you saw in the store may be just perfect. Planning a fall or winter wedding? Enjoy the beach just the same, but bring a shawl in case the temperature drops. Remember, while your ceremony is outside in the sun, you may be celebrating the rest of the day inside an air-conditioned restaurant or reception center. A light shawl is a safe go-to should you need something to keep you warm. Regardless, a beach wedding calls for a dress made of light material that can easily flow in the wind and will not drag you down as you walk down a sandy aisle.

127367495681961604_metizccb_fSecond, remember your dress will get sand on it. This is one of the challenges you are signing up for in planning a beach wedding. So, either pick a dress with a hem that can brave the sand or simply pick a short dress.


There is rare a sight as beautiful as a white, train flowing in the wind over Kauaian sand. It’s worth the dry-clean bill, just remember what you’re signing up for. The last thing you want to worry about on your wedding day is a clean dress. CaptureLastly, don’t wear heels. I repeat: DO NOT wear high heels. I don’t know how you humans manage those things in the first place! It seems intuitive, but you’d be surprised at how many brides attempt to brave the beach in stilettos or the like. Pick shoes that are comfortable and can manage the uneven terrain of a beach. Think: sandals. You can still get creative – look at these wedding flip flops! 1185477091_489Or, better yet, do as the seals do – go barefoot! It will add a sensory element to your experience that rare a bride gets to enjoy. Satin-Short-Wedding-DressesWell, I hope this helps. A few simple considerations in choosing a wedding dress can make all the difference. Dresses via: Shoes via:

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