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Wedding Florist Review: Blue Orchid

While the landscape and beaches of Kauai provide the perfect backdrop for any destination wedding, the “Garden Island” also offers much by way of decoration within the event. Most brides plan to use flowers in the decor of their big day. Whether in a bouquet, a corsage, a boutonniere, or even in centerpieces on a table, flora typically finds its way into a wedding day. Unless you’re a Poipu Seal like me, of course – we prefer leis made of seaweed and corsages of coral ourselves. However, for you on your big day, color and texture are going to be much more important. This is a big choice! And I’m here to make it a bit easier.

Hanalei1First of all, in planning for the wedding, choose a vendor that is local to Kauai. This will make the process more simple in two ways: working with a local florist can 1) make the planning process more efficient and 2) decrease costs immensely. Let’s talk about efficiency. Planning a destination wedding is no small task. You will be sending many things (the dress, the veil, the placecards, etc.) across the ocean. Why should you do that with flowers? If you choose a local vendor, the florist can work on site and transfer the delicate flowers efficiently leaving your decoration planning on the mainland to a necessary minimum. Now, let’s talk about cutting costs. Local vendors are experts in Kauaian flowers, so they will understand what is in season. Choosing flowers that are native to Kauai AND in season is one of the easiest ways to cut costs at a wedding. As a bonus, your flowers will be at their peak of beauty enhancing the visual appeal of your special day.

Now, the big question: which florist to hire? My friends at the Villas at Poipu Kai and I recommend checking out Blue Orchid. Blue Orchid has been in business for over a decade, and their designers bring this experience to creating beautiful, unique floral arrangements for any occasion. Their expertise in the local, native flora of Kauai is priceless, especially when you are planning a wedding from across the ocean. Located on the south side of Kauai, they can deliver island-wide and even to the mainland. One of the greatest assets Blue Orchid has to offer is flexibility. As they say themselves, “…our floral designers can create a special masterpiece for you using a selection of native or traditional flowers, or a combination of both. No special request is impossible provided that the flowers are available to us. If it’s not, we will make every attempt to locate it for you..” These are the people you want to be working with! The florists at Blue Orchid will work with you to create exactly what you want. Call them today! (808) 742-9094

Below, you will find a few images of their creations.
If you prefer a cascading bouquet of tropical flora:
36If you prefer a smaller, sphere-like bouquet:
54If you prefer the traditional Hawaiian leis (a wonderful way to honor your sweetheart):
122If you prefer the traditional Haku (head leis):
71Whether you host your ceremony on the beach, at a resort, or in a church, bring part of Kauai to the event by choosing local, native flowers to remind you and your guests that you are celebrating this most special occasion in paradise.

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