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Wedding Tuxedo Rental Review: Robert’s

When planning a wedding, there is always so much chatter around the bride’s gown and accessories, it is sometimes easy to forget there is another person whose attire is just as important – the groom! Unlike the bride’s wear, however, groom’s wear is usually rented rather than purchased and finding the perfect fit doesn’t require quite as much effort; tuxedos and suite are simple and straightforward. Still, don’t you want to make sure your groom looks and feels like the dashing man you know he is?


If you’ve picked Kauai as your destination wedding location, look no further than Robert’s. Robert’s has two shops conveniently located in Lihue and Hanapepe. They specialize in formal attire and carry 100’s of tuxedo options as well as 1,000’s of accessories (cummerbunds, shoes, vests, ties etc.). You will not find a larger selection on Kauai.


Most of all, we suggest Robert’s because of their accessibility. With all the planning you have to do beforehand and all the things you need to bring with you across the pond, tuxedos should be the last of your worries. Here are a few easy steps that will make your tuxedo planning a breeze:

  • Before leaving, make an appointment with Robert’s so they know you are coming. They can let you know what they have on hand.
  • When you first arrive on Kauai, go visit your wedding location and see how the ambiance speaks to you. Perhaps you want to try a white suit instead of the traditional black because it fits your beach wedding more closely.
  • Once you’ve decided, stop in at Robert’s in Lihue or Hanapepe and choose from their wide assortment.
  • After the wedding celebration, return your rental and leave for your honeymoon without having to worry about packing a tux.


Whatever your preference, Robert’s has the answer for you! It’s no wonder they were voted the best tuxedo on Kauai!

Contact information:
Lihue: 2976 Kress St., Lihue, HI 96766 / Phone: (808) 246-4653
Hanapepe: 3837 Hanapepe Rd., Hanapepe, HI 96716 / Phone: (808) 335-5332

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