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Which Water Sports Are the Best for a Beginner, and Why?

Looking to try something new on your next beach vacation? Fortunately, waters ports can offer something for everyone! In this blog, we’re giving you a list of the best watersports for beginners and why you should try some of them next time

Watersports for Beginners

In the next list, we have carefully picked the best water sports that can be done by all ages and for people, who don’t know how to float or are just starting to learn how to swim.


Most popular water sport in the world and a fan favorite of a lot of our guests, and if you visit the island of Hawaii it is a must-try! It doesn’t matter your age, surfing can be a fun and easy activity to try.

In places like Kauai, you will be able to watch kids learning from a young age because you only need to know how to float.

A good tip we can give you is to always hire a surfing teacher and book 2 or 3 surfing lessons with them, at this time you will learn how to stand up and how to catch the best waves. Pick a beginner’s beachto start your surfing journey!

surfing in kauai
kayaking adventures


Looking for a fun activity to do on the ocean, lake, or river, Kayak should be your pick! Anybody can try kayaking, even younger kids (as long as they are accompanied by adults). One of the perks of doing it is the opportunity to get closer and interact with nature and admire incrediblenatural scenarios.

Referring to the safeties, it is not a dangerous water sport but you should always wear a lifejacket; if it’s your first time going to a well-known spot, and if you can also try to have some lessons or directions from a professional kayaker or somebody that has to do it before.

Paddle Boarding

Paddle boardingis a new water sport that has been getting more recognition in the last couple of years because it is a great exercise and also a great plan if you want to relax and get some refreshing air. At first, I might be a little wobbly but as soon as you get your balance, you won’t want to get out!

Because of the increasing popularity, you will find paddle boarding rental equipment on almost any beach in the world, especially in Hawaii, where this has become a huge success that you can even find many people doing it with their dogs.

Paddle Boarding
swimming lessons


No matter your age, if you want to start in the world of water sports swimming should be your first step, not only because it is a fun activity but also will help you learn how to float and it will make it easier to learn other sports. Also, swimming is considered to be one of the most complete sports and it’s not an expensive one.

Learning will be an easy task, in any part of the world, you can find a swimming academy that will offer a beginners class, here you will learn the basics and start loving this activity, even more, every day.

So if you’re looking to start your water sports journey, now you have an idea of the best water sports for beginners! While searching for your next travel destination, we can recommend Kauai, one of the most beautiful Hawaiian islands and a great place to try any of these sports. Need a place to stay? Villas at Poipu Kai, we have a variety of villas ready for you, just 5 minutes from Poipu Beach. Contact us now!  
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