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Beach Review: Anini Beach – a Snorkeler’s Paradise

IMG_3035As a monk seal, Kauai’s waters are my home and paradise. Everything in the deep, blue sea is at my disposal and I have quick access to all beaches the Garden Island has to offer. Well, most all beaches. Surrounded by the longest stretch of barrier reef, Anini beach is one of the few beaches that proves just out of reach of my short, little fins. However, my loss is your gain. Anini Beach is the perfect destination for snorkelers looking for adventure or families searching for calm, safe waters.

IMG_3025Anini Beach is located on the north shore, just east of Kalilhiwai Bay. It’s greatest attraction is the longest and widest stretch of barrier reef found on the shores of Kauai. The barrier reef creates a unique beach setting: consistent conditions of lake-like waters with very low wave activity. So what do you do on a beach with no waves? Paddle board! Wind surf! Kayak! Snorkel! The smooth waters create perfect conditions for all of these activities, especially snorkeling. The calm waters and abundant fish life are key factors in creating the ideal snorkeling environment. Plus, visitors are able to park right next to the beach, making transportation of gear seamless.

IMG_3005Ready for the bonus?! – parents can rest easy while their children play in and out of the surf without worrying that a large wave will come overtake them (see family reviews here). This easily accessible (no hiking!) long stretch of beach may prove the perfect destination for a family outing on a lazy Kauaian afternoon. Parents can take a romantic stroll, younger kids can play in the surf, and older kids can explore the area by paddle board, kayak, or under water snorkeling. It’s a dream! So come check it out.

IMG_3028Caution: strong currents exist outside of the barrier reef. Should you decide to venture beyond the reef, keep this in mind and ALWAYS pay attention to posted warning signs. No lifeguard.
Current Surf Forecast found here.
Facilities available: picnic tables, parking, bathrooms, showers.

IMG_3022I love this place!

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