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What’s Unique About Honeymooning Kauai?

Now that we’ve helped you navigate your way through Wedding Planning in Kauai and a few tips on beach weddings, we can now move on to the post-wedding festivities! Deciding where to honeymoon can sometimes be just as difficult as picking a venue or florist! That’s why we want to help narrow down the list. Here we want to share 3 reasons why a Kauai Honeymoon is fun, unique, and your best vacation in 2022


The beautiful geography and precipitation of Kauai combined to give us tons of incredible waterfalls to explore and enjoy! TLC may say “don’t go chasin’ waterfalls” but when in Kauai we say chase all the waterfalls! 

Wailua Falls- The falls are located in the Kalepa Mountain Forest Reserve near the town of Lihue. The Wailua River splits into two sections right before plunging 100-feet into a beautiful pool below. This waterfall is easy to spot from the road, but we highly suggest you go check it out, up close and personal! It’s also great if you and your partner are aiming for a morning visit. You might even catch a rainbow as the sun’s rays light up the mist coming off the cascading water. 

Red Dirt Falls – As the name implies, this waterfall, which is located in Waimea Canyon state park, cascades down a ravine through Kauai’s bright red soil. It’s a small waterfall by comparison to most of the others listed here. This is due to its proximity to the vibrant soil and greenery nearby. It’s definitely worth visiting while on your Kauai Honeymoon. 

Hanakapiai Falls – This one’s gonna require some hiking boots and an 8-mile round trip hike. The often muddy trail to the falls can be a bit challenging thanks to frequent rainstorms. That’s one of the reasons why it’s also a great idea to bring along a raincoat. All of the work is totally worth it to see this 300-foot high waterfall

Waterfalls to visit on your Kauai Honeymoon


Getting up early isn’t a simple task, especially while you’re on a Honeymoon. When you’re on a Kauai Honeymoon it’s essential for you to catch a sunrise on one of the many beautiful beaches and lookout points nearby. Here are our favorites. 

Kilauea Lighthouse – Kilauea Lighthouse is located within the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge. It’s an awesome spot to go see the sunrise! In addition to offering dramatic scenery, you’ll have the chance to spot a handful of creatures that call this protected area home. These include the Red-footed Booby, Laysan Albatross, Wedge-tailed Shearwater, Hawaiian Monk seals, Green Sea turtles, and Humpback whales!

Larsen’s Beach – Because getting to Larsen’s requires a short drive on a dirt road and a short hike, it limits the number of visitors. This is a good thing for you! You’ll find fewer crowds and a spectacular spot to watch the sun come up.

Kalalau Lookout – This is one of the highest points on Kauai. You can reach this lookout by car at an elevation of 4000 feet above sea level. It’s also an incredible location to see the sun crest the horizon above the Kalalau Valley. It is the largest valley on the island spanning 2-miles across!

The beautiful sunrise in the valley of Kauai

Romantic Dining 

The Beach House Restaurant – This is a gorgeous place to spend a romantic evening with your loved one. The Beach House restaurant offers dinner ranging from homemade ceviche to a Hawaiian catch of the day. All of this is accompanied by cocktails that are definitely not to be missed.  Whether it’s the view of the incredible oceanside that you’re dining on or your lovely partner, there’s never a boring sight. 

The Plantation House by Gaylord’s– Located in Kilohana’s original courtyard, The Plantation House by Gaylord’s offers Kauai’s most authentic Island dining experience with island-influenced dishes. An original working plantation homestead now offers incredible dining and romantic evenings with loved ones. The Plantation House is a beautiful restaurant with a variety of dining options and opportunities to explore the plantation as well, so bring your camera and enjoy the fun and beauty of Gaylord’s! 

Gorgeous and romantic dining in Kauai

Lastly, our favorite part of vacationing in Kauai and what we think makes Honeymooing unique and exciting here is relaxing at the Villas at Poipu Kai. For those who crave some unwinding, or for those who have spent the day exploring the island, an evening spent at the hot tub is just as magical as your adventuring. The hot tub is placed in a private setting surrounded by rock formations and a waterfall. You can relax, talk about your future together, or just enjoy each other’s company. After experiencing the high emotion of planning a wedding, there may be nothing that sounds more “honeymoon-Esque” than this.

Relaxing hot tub to enjoy after your day of adventuring
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