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What Are The Best Water Sports for Non-Swimmers?

Take a moment to imagine traveling to Kauai with your favorite people to enjoy the warm weather, the great food and obviously the Kuai beaches! You’ll want to enjoy the incredible water sports but wait a minute you don’t know how to swim or maybe your kids don’t. 

That’s when your ideal Kauai vacation just got ruined! How are you going to enjoy your time in the water if nobody knows how to swim? Is it possible to still have fun? The answer is a big YES! 

You have already read the title of the best water sports for non-swimmer, so check out the list we made with some fun water sports to try on the best beaches in Kauai or any other beach for that matter.

Easy Water Sports To Try

Check out the list and start planning the activities you want to try on your next trip!


“I don’t know how to swim and I am going to lose the incredible opportunity  to admire the marine ecosystem”. Those are probably your thoughts when somebody talks about going to a beach destination, but don’t worry, because you can snorkel even if you aren’t a strong swimmer. All you have to do is float!

Snorkeling is the ideal water sport for non-swimmers because you do it on the water surface and you can be accompanied by an instructor in case you don’t know how to float.

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Kayaking is one of the most popular water sports not only in Hawaii but around the world, you won’t need to know how to swim because you always wear a lifejacket and normally do it in calm waters or beaches with small waves.

The only requirement to succeed in kayaking is to have strong arms or at least a lot of energy to paddle, this water sport is ideal for any adult and most young kids.

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Tubing Behind A Boat

One of the most fun activities to do with the whole family! This water sport consists of riding on an inflatable boat that has a banana shape. It is connected to a speed boat that pulls it at a high speed.


Depending on the size of the inflatable boat, you can fit between 5-7 people. Everyone should use a life jacket because when you end up in the water this will help you float.

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This is one of our favorite activities because we feel the adrenaline of flying without as much danger as skydiving. This water sport doesn’t involve you spending as much time on the water as the other sports.

Sailing over the beautiful crystalline water of Kauai or any other island in Hawaii is an experience you have to do. When you register, don’t forget to always hire a professional licensed company or ask your concierge service to help you book.

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Jet Skiing

Who hasn’t at least seen some adventurous people riding jet skis from the beach or in a movie, and thought how fun it would be to try! The good news is that you can do it, even if you don’t know how to swim. 


Learning how to properly manage the jet ski is very easy. Obviously, you’ll have to listen to your instructor to avoid any injury and enjoy your time on the water.

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Water Tube

It’s similar to the Banana Boat, we might even call it Banana Boat 2.0. Between 2-3 people can fit on the round shape tube and it will be pulled by a jet ski at a high speed. 


The challenge is to hang on for as much time as you can. The high-speed that contrasts with the waves makes it a very bumpy ride and knocks people right off the tube.

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Can you see what we mean? There are tons of fun water sports to do even if you don’t know how to swim. Don’t wait any longer and start looking for your next beach destination!

We want to give you a hand by helping you pick your next destination! You will be able to do all of these and more in Kauai, one of the most beautiful and oldest islands in Hawaii. Visit the Villas Poipu Kai blog for more information about this incredible destination! 

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